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For The First Time Ever Our Proprietary

Agent Accelerator Program
Will Be Available To Real Estate Agents All Over North America!
87% of Agents Fail Because
They Couldn't Make The Money They Wanted
87% of Real Estate Agents get out of the business because they weren't able to create the income they desired.

Most agents haven't been able to pull off the success they desire because they are never given the proper tools or training that it requires to be a successful modern real estate agent.

The real estate courses required to pass exams cover the bare minimum of ethics and legalities of doing deals - but they don't teach you what it takes to be successful in the day-to-day life of a real estate agent.

New agents then join teams with promises of training, mentoring, tools, and support but are often given poor, inconsistent advice with no proven systems or processes to follow.

They're left to figure it out on their own trying to navigate the complex world of lead generation, processes, scripts, CRMs, training, and mentoring. It's no wonder the majority fail.
90% Of Agents Who Complete Our Training
Do More Than $10 Million
In Transaction Volume In Their First Year Of Real Estate!
With An Average Home Sale Price Of $500,000
Our Real Estate Training Program takes people with ZERO knowledge of the real estate process and teaches them everything they need to know to be successful in real estate based on our proven processes and systems.

From the basics of real estate business management, goal setting, and execution, to complete processes for generating leads, working with buyers, sellers, and actually doing deals.

We give you all of the step-by-step processes that real, active $20-million-dollar-agents are using in our brokerage every single day.
Our Training System
These are the core modules in the Agent Accelerator Program that teach agents the key sets of skills they will need to be successful, modern real estate agents.

Real Estate Business Management

This module covers the essentials of how a modern real estate business functions, providing the tools and systems to plan, monitor, and manage your business.

Module Sections

  • Section 1: Real Estate Business Overview
  • ​Section 2: Real Estate Financial Management
  • Section 3: The Real Estate Pipeline
  • ​Section 4: Real Estate Core Processes
  • Section 5: Real Estate Goal Setting
  • Section 6: Daily Accountability Systems

Bonus Sections

  • Bonus 1: The Essential Reading List For Agents
  • ​Bonus 2: The Essential Tool List For Agents

Real Estate Lead Generation

This module covers how to generate leads for your real estate business including everything from paid advertising to the essential Support Network.

Module Sections

  • Section 1: The End-To-End Journey Of Real Estate Leads
  • ​Section 2: Your Real Estate Support Network
  • ​​Section 3: Lead Generation & Tracking Systems
  • Section 4: Step-By-Step Lead Conversion Process
  • Section 5: Step-By-Step Prospecting Plan

Bonus Sections

  • Bonus 1: Our Highest Converting Follow Up Email Funnels
  • ​Bonus 2: Our Most Successful Paid Ads Campaign
  • Bonus 3: Our Most Popular Non-Traditional Lead Generation Tools

The Real Estate Buyers Journey

This module covers everything you'll need to know about working with a real estate client who is only buying with you - from setting the initial appointment and showing homes to closing the deal.

Module Sections

  • Section 1: The Real Estate Buyers Journey
  • ​Section 2: The Buyer Consultation Appointment
  • Section 3: Buyer Contracts & Documents
  • ​Section 4: Buyer Showings & Finding Properties
  • Section 5: Offer Research
  • ​Section 6: Offer Writing
  • ​Section 7: Offer Negotiations
  • Section 8: The Closing Process

Bonus Sections

  • Bonus 1: Building Loyalty With Buyers After Closing
  • ​Bonus 2: Getting Reviews And Generating Leads

The Real Estate Sellers Journey

This module covers everything you'll need to know about working with a real estate client who is only selling with you - from setting the initial appointment and handling offers to closing the deal.

Module Sections

  • Section 1: The Real Estate Sellers Journey
  • ​Section 2: The Seller Consultation Appointment
  • Section 3: Seller Contracts & Documents
  • ​Section 4: Listing Research
  • Section 5: Listing Setup
  • ​Section 6: Open Houses & Marketing
  • ​Section 7: Offer Negotiations
  • Section 8: The Closing Process

Bonus Sections

  • Bonus 1: Building Loyalty With Sellers After Closing
  • ​Bonus 2: Getting Reviews And Generating Leads

The Real Estate Buy & Sell Journey

This module covers everything you'll need to know about working with a real estate client who is buying and selling with you - from managing the order of the buy and sell, to creating a smooth dual-closing process for your clients.

Module Sections

  • Section 1: The Real Estate Buy/Sell Journey
  • ​Section 2: The Buy/Sell Consultation Appointment
  • Section 3: Buyer & Seller Contracts & Documents
  • ​Section 4: Listing Research
  • Section 5: Listing Setup
  • ​Section 6: Open Houses & Marketing
  • ​Section 7: Buyer Showings & Finding Properties
  • Section 8: Offer Writing
  • ​Section 9: Offer Negotiations
  • Section 10: The Closing Process

Bonus Sections

  • Bonus 1: Managing The Client Experience
  • ​Bonus 2: Buy Before Sell Or Sell Before Buy?

Continued Development

We also provide access to the live coaching and training resources every agent needs to get guidance, build confidence, and master their key skills.

Additional Resources

  • Coaching: One-On-One Coaching Calls (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)
  • Training: LIVE Weekly Training With Expert Real Estate Agents (Agents On Our Teams Who Are Doing $10 Million+ Per Year In Transaction Volume)
  • Support: Private Facebook Groups With Expert Real Estate Agents (Maximum Student to Expert Ratio To Allow For Individual Attention)

And More Training To Come..

Since we are an active real estate brokerage we are constantly working with our most successful real estate teams to develop new training materials, systems, and tools.

Once these systems are proven to be successful we release them to all of the members in our training programs, ensuring you are always getting the latest and the greatest training and systems available.
We Are On A Mission To
Raise The Standard

Of The Real Estate Industry

We started Houseable Brokerage with the goal of helping 1,000 realtors build their own profitable brands by 2025. We saw a huge gap in the current real estate brokerage model that was focused on making money off of agents instead of creating a better experience for agents and the people they were helping to buy and sell real estate.

We quickly realized that beyond the technology and marketing solutions we provided, agents were in desperate need of processes, systems, and training that would help them build successful businesses.

So we decided to partner with the most successful team in our brokerage to take the secret sauce that was making them so successful, package it into training, and make it available for all of the agents in our brokerage.

These step-by-step processes, systems, and training programs are being actively used and improved by an actual real estate team which has been in business for over 10  years.
This Real Estate Team Boasts An Impressive Average Agent Transaction Volume of $15 Million Dollars Per Year!
Meet Some Of The Graduates

Of The Agent Accelerator Program

Miranda Drexler

Sales Representative since November 2019

Did $10 Million In Transaction Volume Her First Full Year In Real Estate.

"This training was a huge part of my success as a real estate agent. Everything I needed to know was laid out in a step-by-step plan to learn and execute.

I was able to walk into situations completely confident that I had a proven plan to get success for myself and my clients.
I felt like I had such a big head start compared to new agents I was meeting in the field."

Ryan Shea

Sales Representative since December 2020

Did $4 Million In Transaction Volume His First Quarter In Real Estate.

"No one else is providing this type of training. I literally follow the step-by-step training, take the tools, and start doing the work.

I work with agents on the other side of the deal who have been in real estate for 7+ years, and I find that I know more about real estate than them."

Nick Bergmann

Sales Representative since March 2013

Did $17+ Million In Transaction Volume For The Last Three Years.

"I wish we had training like this when I started in Real Estate. It took me years of experimenting, trying new things, getting lost in dead-end tactics, and making big mistakes to get to where I was finally successful.

Even then, this training really dialed in the processes and systems I needed to operate at my best, allowing me to crush my business every single year without burning out."
Frequently Asked Questions

About The Agent Accelerator Program

Do I Need To Be A Licensed Agent To Join The Program?

No! Many of the people who take our program are not licensed agents yet. Many are in school and on their way to becoming a licensed agent and want to hit the ground running for when they are able to legally buy and sell real estate.

Is The Program Scheduled Like Classes?

No! All of the content in the program is available to you immediately for you to consume at your own speed. Some of the resources that are available are scheduled (like the weekly training) and you must have completed specific modules to attend.

Do I Need To Join Your Brokerage To Join The Program?

No! While historically only agents who were part of our brokerage, or on a contract to join our brokerage, had access to this training, we are opening up the training to agents and people all across North America.

Are There Any Hidden Fees Or Splits If I Join The Program?

No! All program and training fees are shown upfront and there is no obligation of any sort beyond the fees necessary to join the program.

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We will only be allowing 250 people into the program to ensure quality of training and access to attention from our expert real estate agents.

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